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Church - Living Water


The Encounter Church of Melbourne’s focus is on the development of the spiritual and emotional maturity of each individual. Furthermore, it is our desire to provide a safe environment for the believer to grow and mature. The core and structure of our community are founded in relationship with God first, and then one another. We also believe that love heals and transforms.



The following are testimonies from our church body about the impact The Encounter Church of Melbourne has had on their lives.  In addition, we are plan to document deeper testimonials through video, spoken word, and art.  If you have a testimony you would like to share, please visit our Contact Us page to let us know about your experience.

What has been the most transformational to me is learning that God loves me and seeing that He loves me through the people in this community.

Lisa Eggers

The Encounter has been truly transformational for me. Not only do we have a sense of family here, but also a good leadership team that can bring you to the place of understanding God’s heart for the uniqueness of who you are as an individual.

Melissa Bream

I love the Encounter Church, it is a safe place to grow and be strengthened in your walk with God.

Nicholas Roberts

A place of true encounters that lead to great friendships with others and intimate fellowship with God.

Monica Klingmann

The Encounter has been the place where I have encountered Father God through worship, love, healing, and transformation. Encounter God Encounter Love Encounter Transformation is not just a catchy phrase, it’s truth here! I have experienced it.

Larry Smith

It’s truly a place where heaven meets earth.  Because of the hearts of the people and the flexibility of leadership, the Holy Spirit is invited to come and transform hearts.

Tiffany Roberts